Define: Unemployment in our area is very high. A lot of people is sitting at home with qualifications behind their names, but is finding it hard to get employed.

Discover: In the past it was important to have the required qualifications to get a job. It was necessary to sit at home, because there was a huge amount of demands for employment. Today it is different whether you have the necessary qualifications it is not easy to get hired at a job.

Dream: It shouldn’t have to be so difficult for people to seek for employment, especially if they have the necessary requirements. Jobs given to people should strictly be based on the qualifications no other categories.

Design: Put up an SWOT analysis to make the solution viable. Setting positive goals to achieve your dream job,by putting your plans into action.

Deliver: Go out and protest for jobs in the street. It is like a strike but no violence just to make sure you are being heard by the world. To make a statement!

Debrief: The unemployment has defined sufficiently. Made enough posters to protest with and to get the message out to others.The solution is a good fit to the problem.



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