No, she ached with effects that are quite unlikely, thus permitting a more precise understanding of a remarkable image antiquity of a acrid war.

The ”Napalm-Girl” face defines in terror and pain. She was exposed and wrongly burned. The visual has become a timeless acknowledgement about war and its horrors. The photographs future also commits to the determination of these myths(The Baltimore Sun, 31 March, 2017, 1:40pm)

I definitely do not think this image is inappropriate, because even though media wants us to believe this but this little girl was busy fighting for her life. This story just got sold for cheap sensation, but not realizing that this girl rights are being violated since she has the right to privacy and that she can sue the media for publishing this article.

Even though she is so old today she had to hide her scars beneath long sleeved clothing. Only at the age of 52 years she became known with the laser treatment, which was recommended by her doctor Jill Waibel. She explained to her the positive impacts it would have on her life. The ”Napalm-Girl” pale has been made smooth and soft, thick scars tissue that begins from her left hand up her arm, all the way to her hairline which includes neck and almost completely down her back(Guardian News and Media Limited, 2017)


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