This is the fundamental set of regulations that we should trial to supply a safe and secured environment to make it reluctant for other users and themselves.

Spreading private material on social media or inappropriate soothe it allows the human to experience no safety.

Example:” When posting with the intent to mock someone on their appearance on social media twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat it damages theirs and your reputation and would make it harder on you as well as the one being bullied to find a job because employees look at an intended employees online presence before exploiting him/her.

Each day we visualize bad online etiquette and its weird, because we are so informed about it yet cyber bullying, slashing and online beating is still an issue.


With performing a online misdeed their are so requirements entailed like arrest and accused for their actions. With cyber bullying the one being oppressed would not commit suicide, because they are not able to cope with the frequent bashing and the one that does the oppressing has to live with a death on them.

List of guidelines: 

  • adhere other humans privacy
  • always obtain impressive online presence
  • know where you stand in cyberspace
  • respect the law
  • treat everyone equally
  • remember its another humankind on the other side.

Online reputation is judged accordingly. Even if you look pretty others will always have something bad to say about you.

New research shows that for 22% of clients, all it enhances is one bad article for them to decide not to purchase a product/service. When you or your business gets searched online, they do not just look for a good review but they dig out the bad reviews as well.”Just one dumb tweet can turn your online reputation sour. Consider Justine Saaco, who made a single stupid tweet about not contracting AIDS while in Africa because she is white, and the Internet turned against her while she was still mid-flight. Of course, Saaco’s fallout has not been limited to one negative entry, as the first page of a Google search for her name is almost exclusively made up of references to her ill-fated tweet(Reputation management, 2015)


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