Information fluency describes to our ability to naturally and unknowingly demonstrate information in construction and formats to withdraw necessary knowledge so that one can concentrate on the significance of the message to exploit everyday tasks.

To know this one needs to chose the information fluency process. In absence of this latest message scientists needed to ASK themselves, when was it alive?Where do they grasp in our personal ancestors tree?And last but not least how its ancestors got into this cubicle(IIE,2015)

Even though the first diagnosis was established in 2013, the scientist had to ACQUIRE as much material as needed so that they could arrange the search scenario to engage through the necessary information. Since fossils research are huge, scientists had to acquire material dating back to 1964

Once they had the basic figures and information which was researched from their inspection surveys, the scientists involved had to ANALYSE the said message to plan a determined image of whether this latest division should outline some of the homo genus.

The ability that had been obtained could then be APPLIED to their situation of determining its dead into small potholes and how they are able to squeeze into our ancestors trees.

People imagined for centuries that they had been the only species buried dead. They assembled material from different sources and scientists for two decades. Before announcing their findings, the scientists elaborated would have had to ASSESS the activity they took part in, and resolve on whether they could have improved in studying the information put together.


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