Electronics commerce is a sort of business model, or division of a greater business model that authorizes a solid or separate to behavior business over an electronic web, typically the internet(INVESTOPEDIA, 2017)

  1. Business to Business- allude to a retailer vending directly to another organization the goods and services that are used by the receiver to strengthen their business(example:Varsity College-ABSA)
  2. Consumer to Consumer-when you purchase/ sell something directly from the next consumer you use it for your own personal use(example:sell a car on GUMTREE)
  3. Consumer to Business- where the consumer design their product to attract a business(example:Reverse auction websites)
  4. Business to Consumer- allows the individual or business to sell directly to the consumers(example:Mr Price)



Digital Safety and Security:this implication connects to a humans well-being and safety online,actually on the laptop and on the internet. As well as the dangers could be accepted  to overlook one from any possible precautions on the internet.

Guidelines for online safety:

  • Don’t post any private material online
  • Consider first the image or clip before uploading it
  • Guard your privacy profile at all times
  • Never give out your identification
  • Don’t accept humans you do not know
  • Do not arrange a meeting with a human being you set up with online
  • Check their profile
  • respect other humans opinions



Digital socialization refers to the way humankind interface and they use to close.It is the manner, humor and communication individual to a civilization.


In a world that is changing tremendously and latest technology as well as media platforms forming it is easy to lose sight of ethics. Having social media as a career is easy to put on a person that is not a true reflection of who you are. Having such a huge trend on social media it is important for these public figures to/media content creators to grasp with ethical implications as well.



Digital rights and responsibilities are the ”privileges” and freedom extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectation that come with them. According to Ribble and Bailey, 2007

1.Life- Everyone has the right to life

2.Privacy- Everyone has the right to privacy

3.Freedom of religion, belief and opinion- Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.

4.Citizenship- Everyone has the right to digital citizenship

5.Access to court- Everyone has the right to have any dispute that can be resolved by the application of law decided in a fair public hearing before a court, or anywhere appropriate.

6.Education- Everyone has the right to basic education.

7.Access to courts- Everyone has the right to any dispute that can be resolved in court.

8.Housing- Everyone has the right to adequate housing

9.Access to information- Everyone has the right to any information

10.Freedom of Associate- Everyone has the right to freedom of association




This is the fundamental set of regulations that we should trial to supply a safe and secured environment to make it reluctant for other users and themselves.

Spreading private material on social media or inappropriate soothe it allows the human to experience no safety.

Example:” When posting with the intent to mock someone on their appearance on social media twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap-chat it damages theirs and your reputation and would make it harder on you as well as the one being bullied to find a job because employees look at an intended employees online presence before exploiting him/her.

Each day we visualize bad online etiquette and its weird, because we are so informed about it yet cyber bullying, slashing and online beating is still an issue.


With performing a online misdeed their are so requirements entailed like arrest and accused for their actions. With cyber bullying the one being oppressed would not commit suicide, because they are not able to cope with the frequent bashing and the one that does the oppressing has to live with a death on them.

List of guidelines: 

  • adhere other humans privacy
  • always obtain impressive online presence
  • know where you stand in cyberspace
  • respect the law
  • treat everyone equally
  • remember its another humankind on the other side.

Online reputation is judged accordingly. Even if you look pretty others will always have something bad to say about you.

New research shows that for 22% of clients, all it enhances is one bad article for them to decide not to purchase a product/service. When you or your business gets searched online, they do not just look for a good review but they dig out the bad reviews as well.”Just one dumb tweet can turn your online reputation sour. Consider Justine Saaco, who made a single stupid tweet about not contracting AIDS while in Africa because she is white, and the Internet turned against her while she was still mid-flight. Of course, Saaco’s fallout has not been limited to one negative entry, as the first page of a Google search for her name is almost exclusively made up of references to her ill-fated tweet(Reputation management, 2015)




No, she ached with effects that are quite unlikely, thus permitting a more precise understanding of a remarkable image antiquity of a acrid war.

The ”Napalm-Girl” face defines in terror and pain. She was exposed and wrongly burned. The visual has become a timeless acknowledgement about war and its horrors. The photographs future also commits to the determination of these myths(The Baltimore Sun, 31 March, 2017, 1:40pm)

I definitely do not think this image is inappropriate, because even though media wants us to believe this but this little girl was busy fighting for her life. This story just got sold for cheap sensation, but not realizing that this girl rights are being violated since she has the right to privacy and that she can sue the media for publishing this article.

Even though she is so old today she had to hide her scars beneath long sleeved clothing. Only at the age of 52 years she became known with the laser treatment, which was recommended by her doctor Jill Waibel. She explained to her the positive impacts it would have on her life. The ”Napalm-Girl” pale has been made smooth and soft, thick scars tissue that begins from her left hand up her arm, all the way to her hairline which includes neck and almost completely down her back(Guardian News and Media Limited, 2017)




Information fluency describes to our ability to naturally and unknowingly demonstrate information in construction and formats to withdraw necessary knowledge so that one can concentrate on the significance of the message to exploit everyday tasks.

To know this one needs to chose the information fluency process. In absence of this latest message scientists needed to ASK themselves, when was it alive?Where do they grasp in our personal ancestors tree?And last but not least how its ancestors got into this cubicle(IIE,2015)

Even though the first diagnosis was established in 2013, the scientist had to ACQUIRE as much material as needed so that they could arrange the search scenario to engage through the necessary information. Since fossils research are huge, scientists had to acquire material dating back to 1964

Once they had the basic figures and information which was researched from their inspection surveys, the scientists involved had to ANALYSE the said message to plan a determined image of whether this latest division should outline some of the homo genus.

The ability that had been obtained could then be APPLIED to their situation of determining its dead into small potholes and how they are able to squeeze into our ancestors trees.

People imagined for centuries that they had been the only species buried dead. They assembled material from different sources and scientists for two decades. Before announcing their findings, the scientists elaborated would have had to ASSESS the activity they took part in, and resolve on whether they could have improved in studying the information put together.



  • Smart phones should be confiscated when it goes off during lecturing time.
  • Smart phones should only be in use when asked told so by a lecturer.
  •  Smart phones shouldn’t be in a student hand or visible during an session.
  • It can strictly only be used when breaks are given that’s why there is a thing called break time.
  • Students don’t realise it is an distraction for the next student having to see or hear someone is one their phone. Every one have the right to education so the next one education should be respected.